because we care ... 

Non Profit Organisation (NPO) number: 089-826 

Public Benefactor Organisation (PBO) number: 930035081

About us

Women Beyond is a registered NPO which provides support and services to women and children succumbed to adverse poverty



 To alleviate poverty in disadvantaged communities and to aid young girls in schools with necessary resources to acquire a better standard of life

Our goals

We aim to offer counseling, support and intervention to women and children affected by poverty-related societal problems (such as domestic abuse, terminal illness, the HIV/AIDS inflicted, taking care of the elderly, raising the orphaned and disabled.)

We aim to reach many schools-going girls through our The Legacy Programme which aims to empower young girls to reach their dreams and goals whilst instilling important values and exposing them in healthy environments and opportunities


To help empower women and children to thrive under sad, tragic  and real circumstances that they may face. We recognize that in the communities we serve ( Rural and Informal Settlements ),  violence aimed at women and children is rife; along with a surge of substance abuse. Due to the complexities of our cases, we  have them facilitated by our Social Workers, Psychologists, Medical Doctors, Pastor's , Community Registered Nurses and general volunteers.

Our mission

To restore hope, instill faith and give love.

because we care...