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Women and Beyond is a registered Non Profit Organisation which provides services and support to women and children succumbed to poverty and abuse.


Offer counseling, support and intervention  to women and children affected by poverty related societal problems. Such as abuse of women and children , women and children living with terminal illness, HIV/AIDS , taking care of the aged /elderly, raising orphaned/ abandoned children and the disabled.   


To help empower women and children to thrive under this sad, tragic  and yet real circumstances many face in South Africa. We recognize that in the communities we service ( Rural and Informal Settlements ) that violence aimed at women and children is rife with substance abuse. Which is why majority of our cases are facilitated by Social Workers, Psychologists, Medical Doctors, Pastor's , Community Registered Nurses and general volunteers,

Women and Beyond  CAMPAIGNS 

  1. No Shame: a campaign to raise the much needed awareness on women and children abuse
  2. Pink Agenda: October Breast Cancer awareness campaign . Early detection saves lives
  3. The Legacy: A Girl's school program. sanitary towels, counseling and support

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To restore hope, instill faith and give love.

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