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What is "The Legacy program"

The Legacy Program is a campaign that was initiated in 2016 which aims to visit primary and secondary school girls throughout the country.

AMBASSADOR : DANIELLA ZENNANI Check her Facebook page: Bhabhatane Butterfly Foundation

Senior Ambassador Nicole Rhode. 1st Year university student at UWC

This campaign aims to:

  1. Give motivational talks to young girls on the importance of acquiring an education and reproductive health advocation
  2. Raising awareness on societal issues such as rape culture, inequality and how to conquer these challenges
  3. Give out food parcels (non-perishables, vegetables, staple foods, etc)
  4. Give out stationery 
  5. Host private counseling sessions with the students
  6. Give out toiletries (sanitary towels included) 

Visit the Facebook page : Bhabhathane Butterfly Foundation