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Festive season drive

As we approach the holiday season, Women and Beyond is planning to make at least two hundred food parcels for families living in  the informal settlements in the Table Bay region (Cape Town). In order to make these food parcels we require non-perishable foods (canned foods for example). Your contribution towards the initiative will be greatly appreciated.

So far Women and Beyond has been able to accomplish and reach impossible targets through our tenacity and willingness to see to our mission, yet there are resources that we lack in minor and/or in great proportions such as:

·        Funding/donations for many of our projects:

o  Our Legacy program that deals with reaching out to schools as well as providing tertiary institution opportunities

o  Funding for our centre since most of our centers open and shut down quickly due to a lack of sponsors for funding.

o  Our annual Road Show where our volunteers travel to other provinces whereby they provide motivation talks/awareness and (if possible) provide food, toiletry and food parcels

o   A car for our annual Road Show (since we usually hire a car which is more expensive and would run at the organization’s loss in the long run)

·        Non-monetary donations such as:

o  Toiletry donations

o  Non perishable food donations

o  Clothing donations

o  Stationery donations (for school visits)

o   Office supplies (office furniture etc)

o  A laptop/computer for our offices